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Propane Conversion Kits : Street Legal Conversions
If you have an older, carbureted vehicle, and your local emissions laws allow it, this kit is perfectly legal to run on the roads. Each and every component in our kit .

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JEEP Fuel Injection Systems -
Results 1 - 6 of 6 . Find JEEP Fuel Injection Systems at! . 1983 · 1982 · 1981 · 1980. + Show All. Emissions Legal. No · Yes. CARB EO Number App. D-265-21 . Multi-Point EFI Conversion, Jeep, 4.2L/258, Kit. Part Number: .

MegaSquirt and Emissions Legality

Carter BBD Carburetor, Jeep 258, Weber, Howell EFI |
Apr 30, 2012 . NOTE: Some of these carburetors may not be emissions legal . Weber – This is probably the most common carb conversion for the 6 cyl Jeeps .

Moses Ludel's 4WD Mechanix Magazine - MSD Atomic EFI for Jeep ...
Howell Engine Developments, Inc. offers this 50-state legal EFI conversion for . Note: To earn an E.O. number from CARB, tailpipe emissions cannot exceed .

The "Nutter" Bypass
Any change to a different type of carburetor, or to a TBI fuel injection system such as . before the conversion the engine always died when I did this in this driveway. . Q. Is the modification emissions legal for emission controlled vehicles?

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Jeep TBI Products :: Howell Engine Developments
TBI KIT: 1972-80 CJ 4.2L Offroad - Emissions Legal. CODE: CA/CJ258 . Part # JP258 Converts L-6 Jeep engine to EFI by adapting 4.3L GM V-6 components and in-line electric fuel pump. TBI adapts directly to Jeep 2 barrel carb... More .

Replacement Parts Guidelines - Aftermarket, Performance and Add ...
Oct 7, 2008 . AUTO EMISSION REGULATIONS,REPLACEMENT PARTS, . if a part for your vehicle is a replacement part and legal for use on pollution. . Swapping electronic ignitions from different years, engines, . Modifications that change a vehicle from fuel injection to carburetion or from carburetion to fuel injection . - Electronic Fuel Injection - Pro-Flo® 2 - Chevy
This Pro-Flo 2 EFI system is for carbureted non-emission engines and offers more power and driveability in . 35030 - Edelbrock Pro-Flo® 2 Multi-Point EFI System For Small- . Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

Fuel Injection for the Austin Healey 3000's - AH Spares
Austin Healey Engine with Conversion Kit Now Available From A.H. . The biggest reason for this is the law requiring very tight emission controls. A carb cannot keep the fuel mixture so "exact" as fuel injection can. A slightly rich mixture .

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Holley Performance Emission Replacement Carbs Products
Emission Legal Carburetor Engineered to Improve Performance. Model 4165™ Spread Bore, Divorced Choke, Mechanical Secondary. 0-9895 650 CFM Four .

Carb Legal Buyers Guide - Tech-Knowledge - Import Tuner Magazine
Note: Dual-rail conversion is not CARB legal. . The camshafts features OEM idle and low-speed emissions characteristics, which make them ideal for street and .

How Kohler's Electronic Fuel Injection Works - Kohler Engines
. location of the fuel injectors complete Kohler's closed-loop EFI system. Exhaust emissions on Kohler EFI Engines meet CARB, EPA and EURO standards.

Edelbrock 3884 Edelbrock Ford 5.8L EFI Manifolds
Edelbrock 3884 - Edelbrock Ford 5.8L EFI Manifolds. Serious Gains For Your 5.8 L Truck! Performer Truck 5.8L: (Idle-5500 RPM) Designed for 88-96 Ford trucks .

Rolls Engine Conversion
Click on pictures for full view of some of our work, both with EFI. (NEW) We are now installing the new LS3 430HP V8 that will pass the latest emission standards .

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Howell Fuel Injection Conversion (California Legal) - Quadratec
Howell Fuel Injection Conversion (California Legal) for 87-91 Jeep® Wrangler YJ with 258c.i. 6 Cylinder - . 2-4 Hours Emission Legal under CA EO #D452, for street use. . 2 BBL Carter BBD Carburator with Electric Stepper Motor $369.99 .

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Edelbrock Ford 5.0L EFI Manifolds - JEGS
As a stock, 50-state street-legal replacement for the 1986-95 Mustang 5.0L, this aluminum EFI intake manifold sets the standard. . this aluminum EFI intake manifold is for non-emission racing applications and features shorter (11.5"), . 1994-95 Mustangs require conversion to 1987-93 inlet system. . by Number Of Carbs .

All the listed engine packages are 50 State emissions legal unless otherwise noted . Single carb Solex models will require a different intake manifold and . With Weber 32/36 DGAV Conversion (with manifolds and special linkage) P/N 11006115 . They are designed to perform with the BMW original fuel injection systems.


California Law on Cold Air Intakes |
To achieve these standards, vehicles require a complex array emissions control systems to keep pollutants at or under the legal CARB-approved limits.

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60 Degree V6 Carb and SFI Engine Conversion FAQ's for British ...
The 60 degree v6 conversion is the best choice as there are no body modifications . 160 BHP and 200 lbs torque with a stock 2 bbl carb in emissions legal trim. . MPFI (MultiPort Fuel Injection), SFI (Sequential Port Fuel Injection) SFI also .

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EFI Options for the AMC 6-258 Engine
I had the thing checked out many times and even had the carb rebuilt by my . This kit was just re-introduced with a CARB EO number, which makes it 50 state legal. . the carb, its computers, the associated wiring, all the emissions vacuum lines, . The best way to get power out of a 4.2 is to swap camshafts and have some .

Propane Conversion Kits : Toyota Propane Kits
Our kits are specially designed to bolt on carbureted 22R Toyota truck motors, and are designed to . These are street legal as long as your local emissions laws allow it. 22RE Propane kits. We now have a kit designed to use the E.F.I. engine.

Jeep Fuel Injection Conversion Kits by Howell
Howell Throttle Body Fuel Injection Conversion Kits at Morris 4x4 Center! Fits: 1972-1993 Jeep CJ5, CJ7, CJ8 Scrambler, Wrangler YJ! Customer Satisfaction .

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Testing Holley's HP EFI Against Carburetor Fuel Delivery - Dragzine
Sep 13, 2011 . Holley's HP EFI kit is an extremely tunable and complete kit that optimizes an . the fuel delivery system swap on our project engine using a Holley HP EFI System. . They are emissions friendly with excellent reliability, great fuel . Goes Holley Dominator EFI · New NHRA Legal 850 CFM Carburetor From .

Fuel Air Spark Technology - Leader In Electronic Fuel Injection
Carburetor-to-EFI conversion used to be no picnic. At the very least, . FAST™ LSXR™ 102mm Intakes Are Now Emissions Legal In All 50 States. 04/17/2012 .

How Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Works - Motorcycle Cruiser ...
All electronic fuel injection systems (EFI)work in essentially the same way; . create drivability problems, motorcycles in the pre-emission law days were normally set . Granted that's a great oversimplification of how a carburetor works but it hits .

Answers - Hilborn Fuel Injection
Combined with EFI technology our fuel injectors offer superior drivability . they are not "street legal" or suitable for emission controlled vehicles, so we . Because of this, we do not offer machining conversion services at Hilborn Fuel Injection. . originally designed to aid engine builders in determining correct carburetor .

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Why the fall of the Carburetor and the reign of Fuel-Injection Systems
Another reason for Fuel injection is the catalyst used to reduce emissions. CARB mandates that the catalyst is monitored for failures, and the government .

Seller for 2100/2150 Motorcraft Carb conversion
Seller for 2100/2150 Motorcraft Carb conversion. . I have also replaced a few aftermarket fuel injection setups for frustrated owners. . I get asked a lot of emission testing/legality questions on this conversion, and here is my .

Big Block Chevy Crate Engines in 2011 Performance Parts by ...
carb 38 jets power valves power valve block off,carb fuel fitting choke cable ... kit 39 . chevy ... fuel injection 160 pro-flo® 2 for chevy ls1/ls6 163 efi components 169 fuel . /street legal part for 1987-90 chevy/gmc trucks with mark iv 454 c.i.d . and small-block ford coming soon ... designed to fit emissions controlled engines .

Boating Regulations | Information | Information
The following engines are no longer legal on Tahoe Region lakes: . the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2001 emissions standard, including: Electronically Fuel Injected (EFI) or Rotax Fuel Injected (RFI) two-stroke engines purchased .

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When did fuel injection replace carburetors
Can you change carburetor to fuel injection? You have to buy a Throttle Body Injection conversion kit. You local auto parts store can order one. What is better a .

Fuel saving gadgets - a professional engineer's view
Legal notice . What they don't say is that modern fuel injection systems already deliver this extremely . on an old carburettor-fuelled vehicle, but not on anything with fuel injection. The unburnt hydrocarbon emissions from a modern engine under normal . This is a factory-fit conversion, in which the ECU has been properly .

Jeep Fuel Injection Kits & Conversions - Sam's 4x4 Store
New Throttle Body adapts directly to 2 barrel carburetor inlet manifold with aluminum adapter. . 1972 to 1980 4.2L CJ Emission Legal Sam's Price $1,245.95 . Note: Your stock air cleaner will not work with the EFI Conversion Kit so we offer a .

BBK Catalog
in the aftermarket and the leader in EFI performance. We never . modern day emissions. From the . 50-state EPA legal carb EO #D-245-13. Complete with .

Ford Ranger Bronco II V8 conversions kits, transmission - James Duff
Carbureted 302: For '83-85 trucks with the carbureted 2.8, this is the easiest . If all emission equipment is retained, most states will accept it as emissions legal. . If your vehicle came with electronic fuel injection, you have an in-tank fuel .

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Propane Conversion Kits : Available Kits
They are street legal as long as your local emissions laws allow it. . 20r Propane kits require the use of a 22r carb base and a 22r carb to 20r manifold . This is the answer to eliminate the need to swap to E.F.I., which is a major project and .

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NGV Community - Safety NGV/CNG Conversion Information Portal ...
In the 2nd Generation NGV techology, EFI vehicles are converted with Gas Carburetion method as similar to carburetor conversion (Carb 101). Both Carburetor .

Pelican Parts - Buying a 914
The L-Jetrontic Fuel injection system is often considered unreliable when . Horsepower is down, and engine runs hotter due to the emissions control. . All 914-4 Porsches originally came with fuel injection (a few Solex carburetor . In California, it is illegal to install carburetors on the 914 engine for cars 1974 and newer.

Edelbrock 3884 Edelbrock Ford 5.8L EFI Manifolds
Edelbrock 3884 - Edelbrock Ford 5.8L EFI Manifolds. Serious Gains For Your 5.8 L Truck! Performer Truck 5.8L: (Idle-5500 RPM) Designed for 88-96 Ford trucks .

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B.C. Broncos Fuel Injection
There are 3 main things you will need for the Ford EFI swap: manifolds, . Harness does not include any emissions or automatic transmission related connections. . guys that bought the fuel line for carb and are now doing an EFI conversion . B.C. Broncos will not be held liable for personal, property, legal, or financial .

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Chevy Engine Upgrades
If carb guys can stroke their 350s out to a 383ci big-block killer then so can you. . But the truth is that EFI never shines brighter than it does in our off-road rigs. . because supplying them with enough fuel and keeping them emissions-legal are .

Fuel Injection Systems - Multi-port Injection Style -
Results 1 - 10 of 95 . Find Fuel Injection Systems with Multi-port Injection Style at! . + Show All. Emissions Legal. No · Yes. CARB EO Number App. D-265-21. EGR . Compare. Multi-Point EFI Conversion, Jeep, 4.2L/258, Kit .

Carter BBD Carburetor, Jeep 258, Weber, Howell EFI |
Carter BBD Carburetor Alternatives, Fuel Injection or Carburetor Carter BBD Carburetor, Jeep 258, . Howell offers an emission legal and off-road only version. . This swap typically involves the use of a parts of TBI systems out of a vehicles .

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Putting Your Car On A CARB Diet - Tech Talk - Modified Magazine
Jan 5, 2011 . Taking A Look At CARB Exemption And How Emissions-Related Modifications Become Street-Legal. . manufacturers who want to sell their emissions-related products for legal on-road use in . Throttle lockout systems, Engine conversions . Under-carburetor screens, Fuel injection systems/modifications .

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Vortec, TPI, TBI Fuel Injection Systems, and Carbureted 350 Chevy V8
Related ModificationsOften performed w/ suspension swap . A plethora of transmission options; Injected or carbureted options; Emissions control options to .

It's 50 states emissions legal and does not require relocation of the spare tire. For more . The Pro Flow EFI system is a port injection conversion designed to fit the . it's legal for use in all 50 states under CARB Executive Orders D-260-11 and .

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